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Another Thursday, another pub night

Some people are crazy. They'll be the ones that sat outside in the cold last night :)

I was mostly sensible and stayed inside with the sensible people in the warm. Fair amount of Interregnum OOC discussion happened. urizen is high king weasel. Damn him lots.

Looks like the weekend is going to be busy and fun. Especially if I remember to turn up to Dark Ages *grins sheepishly*

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Don't know how you can call Ross the weasel, when all he's doing is exposing your House's rat-like devious behaviour. Maybe it just takes one to know one.

What hunts weasels? Maybe that's more appropriate...
Other weasels?

Not disclosing information is far less weasel-like than spying and stealing.

Who is more weaselish, the weasel, or the weasel who leaks his weaselness? :D

Or maybe the weasel that leaks weaselness, whilst at the same time doing a far greater amount of similiar weaselness himself? :)