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I think overall that was a damn fine weekend. Can't think of much that could have topped Friday's cinema trip. Saturday I scampered into London for the Mage game. Wasn't entirely to my tastes, but I did at least find out what I wanted to know. Oh dear. I appear to be doomed. Woe is me :)

Then, using my awesomely awesome navigational skills, I found where sea_cucumber lives. Which I was very pleased about cos I hadn't been paying much attention on the way from Pimlico and we'd only found our way to Victoria by luck last time. And I could only remember the flat number too. Need to listen to my navigational skills a little better as I thought I'd overshot my turning about 10 yards before I got to it and doubled back. Still, good to briefly pop by and surprise sea_cucumber.

Sunday I spent coding. Don't think I got a vast amount done, but it's good to just code anyway. Plus I played the Lemony Snicket game, which is probably a tad too easy and makes me queasy from the really bad camera work. Probably would have played it longer if it wasn't for the queasyness, so I ended up watching random telly. And I cooked up some fried egg sarnies. Could have done with some brown sauce, but otherwise they were yummy.


mmmmmmm Brown Sauce.