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Very busy weekend. New vamp game was tiring but having visitors meant I got to meet others in my covenant. Mage game was surprising as the others didn't try and kill poor Mike or kick him out or anything bad or nasty.

Today I had another blood letting trip. The bus was only 5 minutes late so I was vaguely on time. Unfortunately it took them 2 attempts and there were other people ahead of me, so I didn't get in and out in time to catch the next bus. But the next bus (same one I got going) wasn't too late on the way back either.


Oh my god! You mean the other PCs aren't all trying to kill, exile or mindrape Mike? Who'd have thunk it?!? They're probably faking. Don't trust them. Keep your laser handy.


They got distracted by an invasion of spirit slugs. Maybe they'll drag him kicking and screaming from his workshop and do it as a downtime session?