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London incursion

I have braved the scarey metropolis known as London to visit the sea_cucumber in her new nesting site. It is very shiny. And thankfully for those of us with manbits or ladies and their imaginary todgers the loo seat is not aggressive and doesn't try biting.

There's even a really tiny cupboard for izzy_stradlin to curl up in, although I'm not sure how she'd get up to it yet.

Must visit London folk more often. *nodnods*


Indeed! London is great!
Would have gone, but was not told the address.

You going to come and burn wood in my garden on Saturday?

Unlikely - there's the local vampire game on this weekend.

Yup, which is why I asked around to see if people would come here instead, was assured they would rather come to a BBQ party...

That however appears to be not true. Games are more important to roleplayers

Well I don't want to let inquis down. It's a brand new game, has far less players (less than 10) and I doubt it's breaking even yet.

Uh okay, that makes more sense. Nevertheless, you *could* have all mooched round my garden before or after. Hell, from the sound of it you could have gone into corners of my garden and RPed for some of the time, between frying burgers etc and saved on the hall fees.

But hey ho... the house needs so much work on it anyway, and the ongoing Parcelfarse fiasco means Richard may be in Leicester for forever, maybe I will join him instead.

Best ask sea_cucumber how to get there. Me and darklittlefox got utterly confused and lost on the way home and instead of ending up at Pimplico station, some how ended up at Victoria.

I can remember the flat number and looking at a map, I figure it's southwest of Belgrave road, cos that's the road we ended up on at one point and turned left to end up at Victoria. Should have turned right.

she ran out of credit, and my phone is currently in Wibtoft, being immensly useful sorting out parcelfarce for Gordon's van.