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What a wild and crazy bank holiday weekend of weather that was then? I liked Saturday's sunny hotness, I wish it'd stayed for Sunday and Monday too. Sunday was spent at WGP roleplaying and picnicing. It was very cold and as usual when we have a picnic, there was far more food than we could all possibly eat. Roleplaying was fun too - I liked playing a squirrel. I kept hiding and freaking everyone else out.

For some reason I was also very sleepy again, so wussed out of post-roleplaying fun. The hail scared me on Monday, by the time I ventured out, there was no sign it had even rained. Went for a brief spurt of shopping whilst it was still dry. Will have to see if I can do the gardening I was going to do next weekend if the weather is nice.

Last night I dreamt of robots.