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Oh well. Diet is going better today, in that I've not had time to eat much more than a couple of apples. The dishwasher was meant to be delivered and installed today. They turned up early, but took one look at the pipes and said they wouldn't install it. Instead I had 2 options - leave it behind or get it delivered later when I'd sorted the pipes out. I figured the latter option would be best - I had no idea how to get the pipes fixed. Off they went with my lovely new dishwasher.

I started phoning people to let them know about the party and whilst chatting to evilref, explained the dishwasher problem. He kindly offered to help. Took a bit more work than it appeared as the back of the cupboard the pipes are in, isn't flush against the wall. That, and he noticed that some of the drinking water pipes are soldered which means the water could be poisoned with lead. It's looking like I'll have to replace the entire plumbing nightmare - hopefully before I flood the flat downstairs.