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So, the idea is that you generate a list of random friends (using this:, then answer these questions, and other people have to guess who they are from the answers you give.

  1. Who is #8 going out with? Don't know her name, but they live together far far away
  2. Is #9 a boy or a girl? Definitely a girl - she's got boobs and everything
  3. Would #11 and #2 make a cute couple? A fiesty one, yes? Not sure about cute.
  4. What is #6's favourite band? Ooooh! I used to know this one. David Grey or someone?
  5. Does #1 have any siblings? Don't think so
  6. Would you ever date #7? I'd not kick her out of bed for eating biscuits
  7. What's #10's middle name? Not sure if she has one. She does have an extra surname though.
  8. What's #5's favourite thing to do? Stand there grinning like he's up to something
  9. Tell me a random fact about #11? Gave them a massage within 10 minutes of meeting for the first time
  10. And #1: She's very handy for keeping you warm on the way to work in the morning
  11. And #3: He's the welsh incarnation
  12. Where does #9 live? She's a local lass for the moment
  13. What's #4's favourite color? Pink! Or maybe purple.
  14. How did you meet #2? Well technically it was IFIS, but didn't really meet properly until RockSoc
  15. Does #10 have any pets? Definitely has at least one cat
  16. Who on the list have you known the longest? #10
  17. Who on the list lives furthest away from you? I think either #10 or #4
  18. Who on the list owes you a mix CD? no-one

And whilst people are in the mood for filling stuff in, they could go fill in the biscuit poll I put up at the weekend.

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