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Went and saw Ep3 again :)

Realised far too late last night that today was blood letting day. I had thought it was next Monday, but I realised that it couldn't be cos next Monday was a bank holiday and I couldn't see them doing it then. Hopefully me taking the meds a bit too late last night isn't goign to be a problem.

Getting there was surprisingly OK this time though. Bus driver was a pyscho and liked slamming the brakes on hard. Surprisingly there was a queue waiting when I got there, so despite being early/on time for the first time ever, I still got in late. Canadian nurse was still doing a tour of duty and this time got it right first time. Looks like she's got my knack.

On the way back the buses were their standard crapness and was 20mins late. Got the same driver on his return trip which was handy as he'd undercharged me for my (return) ticket on the way there and I didn't want to face a shirty driver saying I was getting on too early or something.

Think when I get home I'm gonna need a nap cos I'm very very sleepy today.