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Shopping for fridge/freezers is very tiring. Have got a very feature packed one though, shame it's white. I was hoping to get a shiny silver one. But it has a digital display and a chilled water squirty doodah and two icecube trays. I'm not sure where in the sales assistant's list of languages English came, but I doubt it was in the top 100. His way of demoing a feature involved pointing at, gibbering incoherently for a bit until I got what he was on about.

Case in point the ice trays. He kept turning these two dials and gibbering about temperatures, so I thought it was two temperature controls. So I asked if it was for the ice section and the rest of the freezer and he gibbered in agreement and showed me the "rest of other stuff" in the fridge. Eventually he opened up the two icetrays to show me what he was doing when turning the two dials - it empties the trays out into whatever is below them.

So it'll arrive some time on Wednesday. Have to phone up on Tuesday to find out exact time. Also got a wireless card for the laptop so I don't need to mess about with cables. And a wireless router so I don't have cables trailing across the flat so much too. And I barely spent any money in MVC or HMV. I must still be ill....well I do have a bit of a cough.

Failed utterly to remember Dark Ages was on until too late and then got a pointed reminder phonecall from eggwhite. At which point I rememebered that I really had to be there too. Arse. Didn't really feel up to doing it really anyway - shopping felt like I'd carried the fridge home.

Some how I've ended up watching Eurovision which is definitely better if watched with others as we're having a great time discussing it online. Seems to a lot of drums involved this year. And totty too. German totty I think is my favourite, closely followed by the vaguely willow-like Russian singer. The UK appeared to be trying to be the Greek or Turkish entry too. I figure the Greek cos the Greek entry sounded just like the UK one. Except the singer jumped on the back of one of the singers and gave him a super atomic wedgie of doom and stretched his pants up high over her head and then played them like a double base(?). Very scarey.

sea_cucumber would have been most pleased with the Norwegian entry. They're a (I think) power metal band called Wig Wam. A bit like The Darkness I guess. Lots of big hair and OTT makeup and clothing like they'd had a bad accident with Freddie Mercury's wardrobe.

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