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Blah. This slimming thing isn't really working very well. I've somehow managed to use double the number of sin points I had intended to. It's really odd - a fried egg sandwich is cheaper than a tuna paste sandwich. I suspect it's going to take a while to get used to it all.

On another slightly bum-note, it's that time of year when I'm 21 again this weekend. Everyone wants me to have a party, but I've been crap and shy and not told the neighbours that I'm having a party so I can't really have one. I've decided to have a sort-of-quiet-party - invite a few people over, have something to drink (hopefully not very sinful), chat, maybe watch a few videos or something.

I guess the only good thing about today is that I've finally got a time for the dishwasher to arrive. It'll be arriving sometime between 12pm and 4pm. A bit of a pain, as I wanted to go shopping and this time get some food I can cook and eat. I guess I'll have to get up early.


But what happened in america!

Regional vampire game. sea_cucumber has an entry all about it with a link to pictures from it.


i know but thats her side of the story not yours did you have fun!
missed you this week though i would have been on the same train as you

Er...I didn't go to the US, so I've no idea what happened over there.


i thought you were going to go!
but that explains why it was posted. i thought the world have arranged everything!