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The Slack is strong in this one

Apart from a lingering cough, I appear to be back on my feet again. Which if you couldn't guess already, means I went and saw Episode 3 with work. Pretty standard to be honest and I realised as I walked back to the double decker bus, why I think they're not as good as the original.

His directorial style has changed a lot. He seems to flick between different plot threads rapidly like he's trying to show us everything that is going on all at the same time. Maybe this isn't that different from the original 3, but this time he's got more plot threads?

Yoda is still a ninja. Oddly it seems to be the older a Jedi/Sith Lord gets - the more bouncing about the place like nutters they have to do in lightsabre battles. And there are wookies!!! Lots and lots of wookies. One of whom appears to be called Chewbacca. On the plus side they fix the mess/confusion they made by having C3PO and R2D2 being in the first 3 films. R2D2 definitely is the brains of the pair :)

*hopes he's been vague enough to not give too much away*

The double decker bus they used to ferry us from work to the cinema was disgusting. Even normal public transport is cleaner. Yuck.

And so far today, my office allergy hasn't come back. So I should be fit and well to go fridge/freezer shopping. I'm tempted to get one of those little fridges for the lounge cos darklittlefox loves his fruit juices and I like my fizzy drinks and I know I'm really lazy :) It'd also be really handy for parties too.


Yay! for feeling better. Also, mini fridges are cool. :)