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3rd time lucky...

OK...let's try this again. I feel a whole lot better today. *waits a moment in case symptoms come rushing back* Hmmm...yup. Still feel fine. I do feel shattered though and very hungry, which is only to be expected from having spent most of the past 2 days asleep and not eating.

Discovered that my freezer has mysteriously stopped working and had started to defrost. Unfortunately I only found this out cos my neighbour downstairs was getting water coming through his ceiling. Oops. I have removed all the ice from the infernal machine so that should stop the problem getting worse, but god knows how long it's been like it.

This weekend I shall have to venture forth to Comet and buy a new shiny fridge/freezer. Anyone have any ideas what is good in fridge/freezers? Obviously having plenty of space for smutty poetry is a must :)


Do you want a new one, or would second-hand tide you over?

I was planning on getting a new one anyway at some point. A second hand one would just mean I'd have to get a new one later on.

No worries. New one is cool. There are some shiny good low-power no ice ones around.