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And so it begins...

Stuff about new Mage

*poings excitedly* *falls over confused*

I've no idea what it all means, but it doesn't look anything like a complete rehash of what we have currently.


* vague sense of unnease * haveing trawled through all teh commentary I am less than OHMIGOD about it and that saddens me. It does indeed look less of a cosmetic change ( vampire ) slightly quirky rethink ( forsaken ) type affair. Which I agree is good. I am however also perturbed for wont of a better word, by some of the association with Tarot etc... shall have to see.
have had fears allayed somewhat by careful thought and realisation character plans will in all liklihood work well enough with the system to make me PLEASED

Well that is just someone quoting bits of a 4 page spoiler for it. I'd rather read the 4 page spoiler myself to be honest, cos I might have a better chance of understanding it.

Or even better, they could do like what they did with Requiem and have a page of blurb for all the "splats" once per week or whatever.