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Well that went badly. My alarm clock failed to work, but I still managed to wake up at 7:30, so I managed to get out of the house ready for the 8:15 bus. Which technically never showed or rather it was 30minutes late. It then took twice as long as usual to get to the hospital so I was really late. Not that it matters cos they never seem to have very many people waiting.

The North American nurse was back this week so I was dreading how badly she'd screw things up this time. Thankfully she managed it on the second attempt and didn't try my hand either. So yup. Still have blood flowing in me. Should probably try taking off the cotton wool blobs now I guess.

Rather unsurprisingly the buses on the way back were a bit crap too. Had a 40minute wait, which is daft for a bus service that is halfhourly. Think in future I shall avoid the 8:15 bus though - full of noisy school kids.


Have said it before: I may well be able to provide a considerably faster, cheap and reliable bus service. Poke me and ask. If its a problem , I promise to say no politely. In fact I needed to go that way anyway, or into Windsor, and happened to choose Windsor.

Ashford is quite possible, as there are several places round it that I need to mooch around for a randomish period.

It's only the reliability that is the problem and I think in yesterday's case, you'd have had a similiar problem. I don't know what was going on, but Egham was packed full of traffic in both directions. Once the bus got past the police station it was plain sailing though.