maddy (themadone) wrote,

Yesterday evening was very frustrating in some ways, but in other ways good. It was good in that there was socialness and TV watching. Sky has so many shiny programs on it. If I had Sky plus or something similiar, I would never have a problem finding something to watch on TV, cos there would be a backlog of stuff to watch.

The frustration came with installing Linux on the Toaster. It's old, but should in theory be perfectly capable of running Linux. Except stupidly the install CD attempts to create a ramdisk that is bigger than the amount of physical memory. So using the floppy disc installation it creates a much smaller ramdisk, but then doesn't have the drivers for the network card. It also doesn't have nearly enough memory to run the installer.

So after much faffing about, we managed to reformat the harddrive so it had some swapspace (which took two attempts cos I am dumb :) and slowly worked through the installation process. Only for it to inexplicably not be able to install anything. Hard to tell exactly what the problem is - the CD is a bit grimy but not enough to cause any problems before.

This certainly doesn't show how shiny and lovely Linux is. I suspect I'm going to have to go old school on it.

And of special note to I got not one, but two free pens from Capital One :)

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