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Last night's pub was good. Hugs, poking and hot women galore. And my leg didn't feel like crap too which was good. And then I was dumb and stayed up late spodding.

No sign of googlebot yet. Or a vast influx of renewed interest in the lovemap. Probably a good thing. Although it has got me wondering if I could make the fiddle with the digraph program settings to make it group people together if they're in a tangled web of lust or something.


Upgrade IGOR to support the latest version of Grapevine?

Been there. Done that. Got a very happy Requiem ST?

I was thinking Dark Ages :)

But Dark Ages isn't waiting on me to get GV3 working. It's waiting on me installing the code and more importantly, isolating it from the rest of Cam.

Ahh. Is that hard?

Not especially...I'll get it done sooner rather than later. But unlikely before the next game ;)