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Last night went surprisingly well. Not only did I manage to do spagbol with meat rather than quorn, but I also had the chance to try adding mushrooms too. Cos obviously since I normally only ever cook spagbol for cryx, I can't do that normally. emilydongray, on the other hand, apparently will eat anything.

And I managed to coordinate cooking the bol and spag with some garlic bread. Well actually I forgot to turn on the hob for the spag, but it didn't take too long to catch up. Hurry for using a kettle to speed up the process.

Watched AVP which is a lot less gory than the previous films (both branches). Still very good. Then we watched Jersey Girl, which despite being a Kevin Smith film, didn't have Kevin Smith in it. Was comparatively a lot more serious than his usual fare too. Also worked my magic on emilydongray's back too. I can't remember the last time I got to use my l33t skills :)

darklittlefox got back eventually and he liked the spagbol too. Despite it being cold. Fox by name etc...

Today I got to play with new shiny toys at work. Big shiny toys in fact. Hmmm...blades. If it weren't so bloody heavy (and big) I'd swear I'd stick it my rucksack and have it away for a homeserver. On a downside, I'm gonna be working late doing prep work for stuff happening at the weekend. Should be at the pub in time for food and stuff.

On a completely unrelated and random note, I thought I'd check out whether google had spidered by personal website. Nope. Hadn't. Well except for 2 pages - the lovemap and it's documentation. Freaky. Wierd. Totally unexpected. It's even getting hits still too and there are definitely people putting in new links. Utterly wierd. *stunned*

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