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Yesterday was interesting. I did some food shopping and got some DVDs. Except one of the DVDs despite being labelled as part of a 3 for £20 deal, was claiming otherwise. Took a bit of sorting out as the supervisor that was called over couldn't work out how to ring through the 3rd DVD until I pointed out she could just ring through one of the others.

Then as I was leaving I realised I'd lost my swipe cards for work. Cue much frantic hunting around the store in case it'd fallen off in there. I suspect I knocked it off when I got my phone out. Luckily someone had handed it in.

And then when I got home rather than spodding straight away, I tidied! With a vacuum cleaner! I even put away the mountain of DVDs that was lying about the floor. Really should finish getting them all in alphanumerical order though.

Looking forward to tonight as I get to cook. Hopefully I can remember how to do spagbol with meat :)


got your text yday - did you see me at Tesco or something? Or was it a general question?

Yeah. Saw you two when you were at the checkouts but by the time I got around to checking out, you were just leaving. Didn't get that good a look, but it looked a whole lot shorter?

Omnom! Spag bol is munchy - good luck and remember everything tastes better with red wine (with spag bol that's drink and in the sauce ;D)

I can't drink wine - I'm on medication :(

But thankfully my spagbol cooking skills are so awesome (or at least cryx used to think that) that I won't need to get her drunk so she'll enjoy it ;)

jolly good, I will be there at 7.