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Can't remember Friday. Don't think I did anything exciting. Saturday I went to London mage and then shopping. Sunday I vegged a lot before doing party-like stuff. Today I managed to do blood letting in record time - got another good nurse who knew what she was doing. Completely forgot to get a repeat prescription for my Wolverine - thankfully I'm worrying about it days in advance.

Think I shall investigate the pizza making facilities of the new local tonight and attempt to finish off my mage downtime. Apology in advance to the STs :)

EDIT: Yum. That was damn fine pizza. Shame they got the order slightly wrong - got a meat feast instead of a mighty meat. But they cost the same so it's not a big deal - just got less types of meat on the pizza. And the garlic bread wasn't burnt this time.


The pizza is also good cold.

(recently returned DF)

Dunno yet. I picked it up on the way home.