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The new pizza place has opened. Haven't had a chance to try their pizza, but I soon will do cos they're going to give me a free large one next time I go in. I did try their baked spuds and they are awesome. They cook 'em in the same thing they do the pizzas in, so the cheese was all molten on top.

Their garlic bread ain't too bad, but was a tad over cooked. But that'll improve once they've been open a bit longer - it is only their first day after all. In fact they're so new-opening that they've not even unpacked yet. Guy had to open up a pair of garlic bread extracting type tongs. And their website www.ilpomodoro.co.uk is down still too.


Where are these guys? DO they have take-out menus?

(intrigued by new pizza)
one just came through the door.

They're right next door to the chinese takeaway near Budgens :)

so miles from work then :P

Yeah. I'm gonna have to get them to deliver ;)

aha. we just got their leaflet through the door. We're not overloaded with pizza places in Egham already then? 2 restaurants and 3 takeaways?
More piza places = cheeper pizas- hopfully

They've got a few offers already. 5quid for any medium pizza if you collect for example. Plus similiar for the other sizes. And there are meal deals too.