maddy (themadone) wrote,

Revenge of the Sith^WOrphan

The weekend was filled with much gaming fun. Requiem was a small, intimate game where I got time to flesh out my shiny new character in my head. Especially as inquis had just broken me with a pre-game scene.

Afterwards I stayed up to silly o'clock doing Mage rp on IRC. Managed to get up in time to stagger over to the real Mage game where I yet again managed to avoid doing anything plot related. Admittedly that was due to the really crap way the other characters tried getting people involved - I mean asking for stupid people to come along to investigate some dream involving a sword, a flaming bible and flashing teeth. You really would have to be dumb to get involved with that. From an OOC point of view, it's probably a good thing I avoided that one. It'd have got very confusing and messy.

Rather unsurprisingly I ended up back on IRC chatting IC again. Stoopid addictive Mage venue. It's worse than Halo 2. At least after a while I get bored of Halo 2 cos I'm getting my butt kicked, but I can go all night doing Mage. Reminds me of my days at uni too I guess.

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