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Revenge of the Sith^WOrphan

The weekend was filled with much gaming fun. Requiem was a small, intimate game where I got time to flesh out my shiny new character in my head. Especially as inquis had just broken me with a pre-game scene.

Afterwards I stayed up to silly o'clock doing Mage rp on IRC. Managed to get up in time to stagger over to the real Mage game where I yet again managed to avoid doing anything plot related. Admittedly that was due to the really crap way the other characters tried getting people involved - I mean asking for stupid people to come along to investigate some dream involving a sword, a flaming bible and flashing teeth. You really would have to be dumb to get involved with that. From an OOC point of view, it's probably a good thing I avoided that one. It'd have got very confusing and messy.

Rather unsurprisingly I ended up back on IRC chatting IC again. Stoopid addictive Mage venue. It's worse than Halo 2. At least after a while I get bored of Halo 2 cos I'm getting my butt kicked, but I can go all night doing Mage. Reminds me of my days at uni too I guess.


Clearly you need to get your butt kicked at Mage!

Good idea. Now if there was anyone capable of that locally ;)

Big words, my friend, big words...

Ah... PVP. Saves us STs a lot of work.

Well nothing is gonna happen until they tell him. Somehow I can't see that happening :(

Could be interesting though. :)

Can't you imagine the ANGST?

I know. They've killed the only person insane enough to sleep with poor
Mike - he's never gonna get laid every again. Despite their being plenty of
women available now that Kevin is out of the picture. It's all so bad and
wrong and yet so much fun :)

*sighs* Why can't there be a mage game every day of the week? :)