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Ghost in the machine

I'm deeply disturbed by darklittlefox's computer. I'd noticed the screen blanking wasn't coming on, so as an experiment I've set it to go off after 4 second. I don't know why (yet), but it's unblanking every so often. Very freaky.

Today looks great outside. I'm tempted to go shopping later, but at the moment I have highspeed spod at my finger tips and a month's worth of figures to prepare for Things I Love. So far I think this year looks to be the year I break even. w00t!


I found Estelle's monitor did something similar, and played with all the different standby / suspend / off options for a while. Turns out "off" definitely isn't, and definitely wakes up repeatedly if left "off" for a while. Standby was also kinda kack and unreliable, sometimes turning on and off several times a minute which I figured was a quick way to kill the monitor! We settled on using ONLY suspend, which seems to work fine.

If I remember right, there's different ways of doing off/suspend/standby anyway - to do with holding HSYNC high or low, and VSYNC high or low, or BOTH high or low, etc etc. I think you can play with X settings, maybe driver settings for them, and I should probably spend some time on them.

No idea whether it's X, driver, cable, or monitor that's at fault for me, and of course could be a completely different problem for you :-)

If TIL's breaking even, is it time to upgrade the box? ;-)

Breaking even in the sense that it's made enough in the past 6 months to have paid for the hosting. But I'd be paying that anyway, so I guess it's all profit. Why? What new shiny upgrade do you have in mind? :)