maddy (themadone) wrote,

Things seem to be doing that "good thing/bad thing" thing at the moment. I've got the sniffles. I could call it a cold, but that would be giving it an ego boost. I think I must have got it getting pizza last night. The guy took ages sorting himself out, fumbling about with pockets and stuff. The weather is crap, yucky and wet.

On the good side though, Tescos have pulled their finger out and stocked up on their most excellent single chocolate crossaints. Yum. And I've got a pay rise. Or at least I think I have. I've been told a new number. It doesn't look like the old one from what I remember and it can't realistically be lower either or it'd have meant a change to the first digit. I guess I shall have to dig out a recent payslip and compare and contrast.

Had a disappointing bout of Halo 2 last night, although I did feel most pleased when I killed one particular whiny american who the last time he'd killed me had gone "Oh dear, I killed you - sorry". So I said the same thing back to him :) Doubt he even picked up on it, but it made me feel good.

Finished reading a book on physics filled with math formulas on how stuff bounces and moves etc... Can't for the life of me get the example code to work though. Stupid springs just go mental rather than oscillating back and forth. Suspect I'm gonna need to further research high speed integration algorithms.

Oh and my legs are looking and feeling a whole lot better. And I'm wearing my new shoes, so my feet aren't getting wet in the yucky weather.

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