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Today was a good day to shop

Today has been good. I went shopping! I actually left town and went somewhere else and shopped! It felt so good. I've not done it in at least 2 months now. I left it a bit late to do my normal tour of all of the shiny shops and what little I did do was a bit tiring - next time I hope to do more.

Saw emilydongray at work. Even dressed in her uniform she endevoured to colour coordinate. I bought many shiny DVDs and (potentially foolishly) got a store card. I suspect I will never use it, but it got me 10% off my purchase. Then I went to another shop whose name I will not mention as emilydongray would not like me mentioning MVC and spent more money. All in all I spent silly amounts of money, but now I have many DVDs. I also got a couple of books and watched Miss Congeniality 2. Not as good as the first, but still very funny.

I think watching The Terminal has given this entry a strangely eastern euorpean accent.

Tomorrow I do the periodical trek to the parental home. Maybe this Xmas I shall pluck up the courage to do the friends thing?


The Terminal? Is that any good? If so, I'd like to borrow it...

Yeah, I liked it. I'm away 'til Monday, but you can borrow it when I get back. Or maybe grab it off darklittlefox.

I rented it. I thought it was good. I felt it was different to what really happened, but that probably lent weight to it being a more intersesting film.