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Managed to get to the pub early for a change and I even walked up to it too. Place was packed when myself and darklittlefox arrived. But the random strangers soon left and our hordes took over.

I missed the lesbian spanking inferno, which after I'd asked nicely for GOG action you'd have thought I'd have got an invite for ;) But there was GOG dancing which is almost as good - I guess I'll have to settle with what I can get :)

I don't know why, but the two underaged boys at the bar kept taking pictures on their camera phone of various members of the group. I think they probably fancied the guys, cos that seemed to be the general focus of their attentions despite there being several hot women to photograph instead.

And in Halo 2 news, I just made rank 6 after coming first twice in two King of the Hill matches. I love King of the Hill. It rocks my world. And gets me lots of points.