maddy (themadone) wrote,

Last night I didn't spend playing Halo 2. Shock! Horror! Gasp! Yes, I've not been replaced by an evil clone - instead I went for food and chat at emilydongray's place. cryx and barty also came too. There was fun and interesting chat about all kinds of things.

I learnt that orange peppers exist. emilydongray learnt that I had never seen orange peppers before. cryx learnt of a good birthday pressie idea for emilydongray. And mr barty learnt something too, but I can't think what.

In case people are wondering, there's a perfectly good reason why I don't appear to be overly worried about my current physical health. The doctor expressed concern with my laid back attitude to the current problems when I saw her on Tuesday. Yes, there is a slim chance I may die from this.

See, the way I see it, is that if I start worrying about it, it isn't going to help and is more than likely going to cause stress and more problems. The best thing I can do right now, is make sure I don't start bleeding a lot and making sure I do what the doctors tell me. So whilst I do appreciate all the concern, I'd rather have lots of hugs or GOG action than lots of worrying. Cos that doens't do anyone any good.

(PS: This is just something I left out of my post-doctor entry rather than directed at anyone in particular. The GOG action request is definitely directed at all the hot girls I know tho ;)

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