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Got yesterday's results back. I've gone down 0.2!!! How on earth did that happen? Means I'm still on 8mg. Plus I'm now on a 25 day course of antibiotics to try and sort out both my legs as now the left has gone wonky :(

In more positive news, I'm back up to rank 5 on Halo 2. And I've also found out how the ranking system works. It's very much like D&D and the maximum rank is 50. I get (or lose) XP based on the level difference between me and the people I beat (or lose against).

So I really need to find a way to play just King of the Hill games cos I rock mightily at them. *nodnods* Or maybe try one on one games. Also found out I've played over 80 games already *blush*


Please take better care of yourself else I will be forced to beat you up and take over your life. Tough love.

You can start by changing your dressing *every* day. You need to keep your leg mobile else you *will* get another blood clot. Don't get it wet until it has healed, wash at a sink. Keep it clean and dry, try to let it breath as much as possible. Eat bio yoghurt to counteract the bad affects of antibiotics (they kill all bugs - including good digesty ones). Use aqueous cream anywhere that is dry (except your open wound), use a steriod cream for itchy eczema. Eat more fruit and vegatable to keep your immune system up.

Or else.

x x x