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Got yesterday's results back. I've gone down 0.2!!! How on earth did that happen? Means I'm still on 8mg. Plus I'm now on a 25 day course of antibiotics to try and sort out both my legs as now the left has gone wonky :(

In more positive news, I'm back up to rank 5 on Halo 2. And I've also found out how the ranking system works. It's very much like D&D and the maximum rank is 50. I get (or lose) XP based on the level difference between me and the people I beat (or lose against).

So I really need to find a way to play just King of the Hill games cos I rock mightily at them. *nodnods* Or maybe try one on one games. Also found out I've played over 80 games already *blush*


Please take better care of yourself else I will be forced to beat you up and take over your life. Tough love.

You can start by changing your dressing *every* day. You need to keep your leg mobile else you *will* get another blood clot. Don't get it wet until it has healed, wash at a sink. Keep it clean and dry, try to let it breath as much as possible. Eat bio yoghurt to counteract the bad affects of antibiotics (they kill all bugs - including good digesty ones). Use aqueous cream anywhere that is dry (except your open wound), use a steriod cream for itchy eczema. Eat more fruit and vegatable to keep your immune system up.

Or else.

x x x


ello - sorry this has nothing to do with anything, but are you still in charge of the runnymede vampire email lists? it's just that cinnamon keeps getting spam! can I please be taken off the runnymede ic and ooc lists?
thank you - and i hope your leg stops being wonky =/

Sort of. I had said I was going to "kill" all the characters at the end of the game, but thankyoukindly didn't want that at the time. Maybe now that we're definitely over and done with he won't mind? I'll have to check with him and see what he wants. Not that it'll matter for much longer as the NC wants to tidy up all the dead games too.

Generally though, any IC email is going through a spam filter. It doesn't block it unless it's really spammy, instead it adds headers to indicate if it's spam or not. I don't know if Yahoo'll let you filter by header or not, if it can you want to filter for the email header "X-Spam-Flag" where it's got the value "YES". Otherwise I think there's an option to put something in the subject which you should definitely be able to filter on. This would work for any future characters you have too, you see.