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I hate buses. They are so crap and sucky. I was probably a minute late for the bus this morning, so I missed it. The one after was over 15 minutes late. Why do they always do that? It then took even longer than usual to get to the hospital. So I was nearly an hour late.

On the plus side, they managed to suck blood first time. I think I had the same nurse who got it right last time. I guess they must take turns doing the clinic.

Other than that, I've spent most of the time since the last update playing Halo 2 online. Gone down in rank due to being crap and ending up on some really daft games. There was one where the only weapons available were swords. Great if you can use them. Lousy if like me you can't. But I rocked at a King of the Hill game - maybe that'll get me up again.

Builders are crazy. I saw one whilst waiting for the bus set up a ladder with the base in the back of his truck upon a load of scalfolding bars. The other end was balanced precariously against a tiny stretch of brick work at the top. I'm surprised the ladder didn't slip.


The swords aren't cool. They're annoying cos they can do insta-kills if you know what you're doing with them. Which I don't. They tend to ruin a normal game if some idiot is running about with them and killing people. Although sticking a plasma grenade on them usually does the trick.

Indeed. And whenever I pull off such a stunt (which I seem to do more often than actually shooting people) I have a sudden urge to start singing "Stuck on you". Should probably find out the words or something first tho :)