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ADSL is as good as I remembered it being. Except probably better cos I've got double the speed. Halo 2 seems to have eaten my soul, although I seem to suck a lot against the hordes of pre-teens who probably play the game 24x7. I am barely holding my own and have managed to demonstrate enough skill to go up some ranks to the dizzy heights of rank 3.

As a result of my late night last night of Halo 2'ing and the postman delivering a parcel for darklittlefox at 8.30, I got very little sleep. Did blearily stagger about and discover his insanity. I hope you guys appreciate it. Buy him pints. Give him chocolate. Don't bug him 24x7 about the game ;)

After another few hours of sleep, I walked over to HoP and indulged in glorious magey goodness. nuuki then regailed us of some of the more choice parts of W:TF which seems to us to be mostly concerned with Werewolves and how they may (or may not) rut. Masturbation, for example, isn't allowed...somehow doubt this will stop some of the more popular character concepts though ;)

Dark Ages was also good. Got to flange the past few months of OOC illness, help save some foolish vampires' butts from a vicious gargoyle and then somehow managed to be all political and get someone else to discredit icklecows' character.

Rather unsurprisingly I'm back on Halo 2 again. Rack 5 now though.