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Feline bag extraction system activated...

Phase 3 is complete. I had expected darklittlefox to be out all evening but he's just came in and discovered me enjoying the fruits of my labour. So much for it being a total surprise when he next went on line. Yup. I've got ADSL. Shiny lovely highspeed ADSL of lovelyness. And it came with a complimentary can of whoopass to open up on the reprobates at House of Plot too. I even had the forsight to get a headset cos I figure shouting out the window won't quite get far enough.


yay! congratulations!

Sacrificing virgins? What a waste!

And there is rather a lack of them in the local area - save them for important scarifices

I'd rather not be used for a sacrifice - important or otherwise


512? Who with?

1Meg with wanadoo.