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Not really had much of a chance to update. Last week was mostly spent sorting out my computer at work. I upgraded to the latest version of SuSE and then discovered that it was easier to nuke the old installation and start from scratch due to all the various fiddlings the previous owner and myself had done. On the plus side I now spurged the 'doze infestation and managed to free up 14Gig of diskspace to play with.

The weekend was pretty uneventful. I didn't go to London mage, but did demonstrate lots of beginners luck at Ghost Recon 2 round at HoP. Spent a fair amount of time coding on various projects.

Had "fun" ordering pizza from Topps; in their haste to deliver the pizza they hadn't brought the coke and had brought the wrong pizza. When they brought the coke and the right pizza, they also brough more curly fries and kickin' chicken. My stupid morals and already stuffed tummy declined the extra free food though. Might just skip the pizza next time and have curly fries and the chicken. A bottle of coke should up the cost to their minimum delivery amount.

So otherwise, pretty uneventful.


Mmm...curly fries.