maddy (themadone) wrote,

Ow! I am really not looking forward to another 6 months of blood tests after today. It took 3 different people a total of 5 attempts to get blood out of me. One of which was in the back of my hand and hurt like hell. And frustratingly, the 5th and final attempt went in easy, took hardly any time and was painless. And was also in the same place as 2 of the previous attempts.

Anyway. Yesterday was good. In the end I just did Mage. And learning from my previous fun the day before, I kept my leg up the whole time. Which wasn't an issue as I spurned the plot and sat around chatting about stuff instead. And taught an alien AI the human way of thinking of time and space. Which got me a bonus roleplay XP. Very random.

Afterwards I had expected to be heading home and vegging in front of the telly, but there was Ling as well which I'd forgotten about. So got to play Ling too which was also good. And since I'd missed lunch I ate a mountain of chinese takeaway as well. Most of the game was spent crying. One of the many flaws of playing an 8 year old I guess. Nasty mean everyone else was upsetting my poor ickle lamb pooka.

End of result of my day out was that my leg looked like I didn't even need a bandage compared to the much yucky leakage the day before. Today however it's returned to normal. But then what with walking about a hospital and stuff, that's probably to be expected. Doesn't look too bad though, I think my hand has come out of it the worst.

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