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(The more observant of you will notice that this entry has magically changed into a full length uber entry of doom)

Ok...back from parents now and since I don't know when I'll get a chance to get near the internet again, I shall do an update for the past few days.

Xmas was OK. I went to visit parents on Sunday after a frantic present wrapping session. Didn't bother taking the stuff I'd bought on behalf of my parents as it was far too heavy and bulky to carry. The trains were remarkably well behaved and I made it with plenty of time for lunch.

Since I was last at my parents, they'd converted my bedroom into a store room for the vast amounts of junk they've collected. This meant that my bed had vanished and I had to sleep on a rather small and uncomfortable portable fold up bed thing. Managed to get to sleep eventually, but didn't remember any dreams.

New years day went fine - watched telly and played on my laptop. We had a feast of Chinese takeaway scrummyness for dinner.

Xmas day, I woke up late and had a traditional day that went along the line as follows. Once awake, opened stocking pressies. Then vegged around in front of telly until lunch. Pigged out massively and then returned to vegging in front of telly. Avoid Queen's speech at all costs. Eventually open pressies from under Xmas tree. Watch more telly. Have turkey sandwiches and sausage rolls for tea. Go to bed.

Since all my xmas pressies were at my place, I had to open my dad's since he couldn't manage it. I did get one from my sister - Lord of the Rings the board game. The stocking pressies were very cool too - I got a pair of tongs, a pair of kitchen scissors and best of all - a coaster made up of jigsaw pieces. I plan on getting more so that I can make a really large jigsaw pattern with them.

Boxing day was like Xmas day. Vegged in front of telly and ate lots of cold turkey sandwiches.

Thursday - more turkey sandwiches. After lunch I went home. Since I've got oodles of room, I also took back with me some of the computers my dad had "aquired" for me. They're really old and not very powerful, but are fine for my needs. Probably need to give 'em a clean as they've been in the smelly dirty garage for years though.

Since it was Thursday, I went to the pub and met up with people. Also arranged with Charlotte the details for the next USA trip next week. I do hope that cryx and eggwhite can make it cos it'll be so cool having them there too.

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