maddy (themadone) wrote,

As some people may have noticed I did actually go to the pub in the end. Probably not the best idea I've ever had though, but it did mean I had a proper dinner rather than pizza. And I got to chat to nice people too and cute women paid me compliments and ruffled my hair, so it wasn't entirely a wasted trip.

Only got one hug though. Must try harder next time :)

Came in to work despite the snow, which again might not have been a good idea, but my feet have dried now. At least I feel like I've done something today rather than moping about home. Which is definitely something I'm not going to be doing this weekend. I figure that the Garou and Mage games and fight practice should all be events I can spend with my leg up quite adequately. Especially if I bring something to rest my foot on.

Oh and I got "I, Robot" and "Goonies" for a tenner this morning. Should have been 15quid but the cashier some how managed to wave them both through but only get one show up on the bill. I'd have thought she'd have noticed too, cos both DVDs had "2 for 15quid" stickers on them and the final total was about 13quid.

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