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I see funny things on the way to work sometimes. This mornings example took place in the Tesco carpark. It was pretty empty and yet two cars decided to fight over the same parking space - coming at it from both ends. Mad.

It's darklittlefox turn to be poorly now. He's got the lurgy from the students. Symptoms seem to be hybernation like a bear. He seems to be content to sleep, lurk in his room and occassionally coming out to forage for nuts and berries. Or Tescos value noodles.

Life back at work seems to be going OK. And my Walkers' pedometer arrived so I'll be able to see how lazy I am. Mr barty is a tricksy rascal. Got a text from him asking for my address whilst he was in Italy. Got a postcard from cryx instead, so I guess he was asking on her behalf. Either that or his postcard is slower. Yah for random postcards of gloomy Italian castles.

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