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Yesterday was thankfully filled with lots of distractions. I'm slowly plowing through Buffy season 6 (yes I know - way behind). Discussed a site redesign of Things I Love with izzy_stradlin. And had dinner at chez them. All of which was very tiring. It is looking likely that I'll be have the strength back to walk in to work on Monday though.

Today I had to get up stupidly early to get back to the hospital for the first of many bloodtests. Surprisingly, the medical practioner who did it managed to find a vein and get blood out in one go. Had a bit of a wait for the results and w00t! I'm on 2.2 which is in the right range. Had a chat with someone about my condition. Looks like I won't need an injection if I ever go on a plane again. Just a blood test to make sure that during the 6months I'm in "the zone". Next one is Monday at Ashford. Got them to change it cos Ashford is slightly easier to get to/from. Plus I don't have to wait for the results. Just nip in and out, which I'm sure will please work.

Found out why some veg is bad. It's anything with vitamin K in it, cos that helps the blood clot. Booze is right out cos in any amount larger than a tiny amount could cause internal bleeding. Lovely.

Oh and I got one of those pill diary things so I know what pills I've taken and what I've not taken. Cos I'm damn forgetful :)


You want a lift on Monday?

Thanks, but I think it'd make more sense to try the bus out. I'm going to have to go at least twice a week at random times and especially in this case, I don't know when I'm coming back.