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Word of warning

Just in case people haven't twigged. With my blood being thin and less able to clot, cuts and bruises are a really big deal. I have to phone the doc if I get either just in case.

In the unlikely event that I don't notice that I'm bleeding, please let me know. Ta.


Will keep an eye on you hon. Don't think fight practise is a good idea for a while either

Yeah. I'd already realised that. So much for me getting fit. Should be able to come down and watch though.

You can still work out without impact on anyone or anything. Possibly not as exciting, though.

Won't work. Can't do uninteresting/unexciting exercise. Has to be fun or I just get bored and unmotivated. Hence why I like waving a sword around :)

Don't be picking your spots then :P

I'll try to keep an eye out.