maddy (themadone) wrote,

To infinity and beyond

Things are not looking too good. I checked my folder and there were two blood test results in it. On the 16th (when I came in) my INR was at 1. On the 19th it was 1.2. I can't go home til it's about 2.

Today they did a very late blood test. Again it took them ages until somone who hadn't tried before had a go. She got it first time and had enough in no time at all and it didn't hurt. WTF can't the rest be as good? She isn't in tomorrow so I'm going to potentially have to suffer some hamfisted sadist who insists on brutalising my hands.

Anyway. Today's result was 1.2. Right. No change then. I don't need emilydongray to tell me that at that rate I'm going to be singing xmas carols with the staff before I get out.

The really cute sister says apparently it can take a while to get going. Somehow I don't feel particulary reassured even if she is cute and sounds like she cares. I mean I've got to have an injection tonight and then a blood test tomorrow, both of which might hurt. And for what? For them to tell me I'm staying here another two days?

*sigh* I want to go home :(
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