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To infinity and beyond

Things are not looking too good. I checked my folder and there were two blood test results in it. On the 16th (when I came in) my INR was at 1. On the 19th it was 1.2. I can't go home til it's about 2.

Today they did a very late blood test. Again it took them ages until somone who hadn't tried before had a go. She got it first time and had enough in no time at all and it didn't hurt. WTF can't the rest be as good? She isn't in tomorrow so I'm going to potentially have to suffer some hamfisted sadist who insists on brutalising my hands.

Anyway. Today's result was 1.2. Right. No change then. I don't need emilydongray to tell me that at that rate I'm going to be singing xmas carols with the staff before I get out.

The really cute sister says apparently it can take a while to get going. Somehow I don't feel particulary reassured even if she is cute and sounds like she cares. I mean I've got to have an injection tonight and then a blood test tomorrow, both of which might hurt. And for what? For them to tell me I'm staying here another two days?

*sigh* I want to go home :(


Are you sure you've got to get it to 2.0? Being in a house with a nurse at the moment, we were discussing it, and a quick bit of reading on the internet shows it's probably a PT-INR test, which tests how long it takes for your blood to clot. The normal result for this is 1.0. Yours would probably be 1.2 at the moment because they've given you the blood thinning drugs, and I guess they'll want it to come back down to normal.

Of course, it could be 2.0 they're aiming for to make sure your blood doesn't clot so easily.
If I remember right, it was 1.0 when he got sent to hospital on wednesday, and has risen to 1.2, and they want it to be anywhere between 2 and 3 before they'll let him home :-/
Yup. They want my blood thinned so that the clot starts to break up by itself. Then I can go home and I'll just be on pills to maintain the value for the next n-months. Which also means regular blood tests to make sure I don't get too thinned too.

Kinda reassuring to know what INR means too. I was going to ask the sister but she was rushed off her feet trying to deal with other stuff as she remembered it and working well past her shift.
Awwwwww. Does that mean they up your rat-poison?
Yeah. I get an extra beige pill to go with the two sky blue ones and the belly jab.
Silly boy, why would them being sky blue matter? Purple is the only important colour!!
*big sloppy hugs*
*ouchies* not nice but still good that people are sorting it out :( cold comfort I am sure!

Hugs. Need anything in particular?
Only thing I need is thinner blood *grins sheepishly*

Seriously though, I'm OK for "stuff". Visits are always welcome. And at some point I'm going to need a getaway car and driver when it's time to flee this place :)
Do you want us to fetch more stuff and ship it over iwth your housemate?
I only just heard about this.

You get well soon, please?
Yeah. Oops. I only recently thought I should probably warn you. But then originally it was only going to be an overnighter. Then a couple of days...then a couple more...

Annoyingly I could probably do webstuff - I'm not physically ill as such. Just don't have enough net access. It'd be something to do if I did.
Oh, and if you want to be certain they're treating you in accordance with best practice, let me know. I can get you the urls, being in the trade and everything!
Awwww you poor thing!! Right! You need garlic!! Get people to get you uber garlicy dip of doom and stuff, that way the nurses of evil will have a vested intrest in taking your blood quickly (cos i'm suggesting *loooaaadddsss* of garlic), and it'll help thin yur blood!
But all you cute girl visitors would have to have some too or I'd not get any more "get well" lovin' :'( :)

Actually cranberries are meant to help too. Not sure whether thankyoukindly knew that when he got me cranberry and orange cookies. I suspect given the situation, that the useful bits might have been cooked out though.
so cranberry and garlic dip huh?
Actually I've just got a leaflet and it says avoid driinking cranbury juice. No mention of garlic though. I'm going to a special clinic on Thursday, so I'll wait until then and ask them about garlic. I hope they don't ban that too.
*hugs* i miss you. i would try to brave the hospital again...but adrian would be at work and i'd have noone to hold my hand...
You could visit with me and Muppethex, if you want.