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No pain is good pain

Another day has rolled quietly by. They didn't try to do another test this morning for which I'm glad. I hope tomorrow that it's a different nurse that does it and I pass with flying colours.

I actually got a full nights sleep finally! Which I'm surprised about as someone got admitted yesterday who really didn't sound in good shape judging by the screams. I guess they managed to get settled by sleep time.

My jab was also painfree mostly. I think watching half naked women jiggling on the TV provides a welcome distraction.

At the moment I'm just sitting here on my tiny chair wondering whether I'll get many visitors and where on earth my wash bowl is. Wanna have wash. :)


I would visit again...but I think I would probably go nuts...
Go...? :)

Don't worry - I understand. Plus I think the current crop of patients might be too much too. You can be ready to supply lots of hugs when I get out. *hugs*
*hugs* won't be up today sorry
Good to have seen ya, mate. You're already LOOKING a whole lot healthier than tuesday. Best of luck with the tests tomorrow! Let me know how it goes.