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Doc just been around. He say no :(

I'm stuck here still Monday with more tummy jabs. Phone works at 3rd bed slot. Number is (minus prefix) 8082399.

Looks like all this food will get used up after all.


Oaky. will try and visit again. Was poo and ran out of time yesterday, and am much tired now, off to move Dominics stuff 2 hrs late. :-(
meep poor hobbit. *hug* will try and visit tomorrow with more supplies.
::offers hugs and sympathy::
get well soooooon!
hmmmmm, that number doesn't want to work. :-/
It seems the phones/gizmos sometimes need a bit of "Microsoft maintance". Just had to reboot it.

My guess is a memory leak, cos I do seem to use it an awful lot.