maddy (themadone) wrote,


Ouch that blood letting was such a nightmare. First nurse was crap and seemed to be in a hurry and jabbing at anything with a pulse. So for ages my left hand was in agony. Glad she didn't do my right hand.

She gave up and the other two had a go and after a couple of failed attempts they managed to find some although it was very slow so they had to use a syringe.

No idea if I'm getting out yet. Am very tired cos of mad old lady who spent the night asking to be let out or cursing her family for putting her here. Now it's daylight she's fast asleep. Pah.

My vast food supplies are slowly going down. Cookies are good for taking the nasty pill taste away. Although I found out this morning I'm meant to not eat for an hour. Oops. Never told me.

Mewp. Want to go home :(
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