maddy (themadone) wrote,

Place bets now!

Had to make a tricky decision this morning. I'm due to have a blood test on Saturday to decide if my blood is thin enough to let me out. This morning they weren't going to bother. The doc said that they could do one and I could if it was good, go home.

So the dilema I faced: risk having a blood test and get to go out early, but maybe end up having 2 tests or wait a day.

As you can probably tell I was a wuss and went for the latter option. Had more visitors. izzy_stradlin and eggwhite brought me cookies and a big footed teddybear.

I also found out from darklittlefox that the late night visit last night almost failed as they couldn't get in until a cleaner took pity on them. So I guess the "any time" for visiting hours is really limited by the hospital doors. That said, someone arrived shortly before them and spent the night with their relative. Maybe there is a special entrance?
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