maddy (themadone) wrote,

Hmm...chewy mutant

First off. Ta muchly to all who have visited. Secondly. Ouch. They're still doing the injections in my belly. But they have started me on my Wolverine tablets. I will soon have shiny talons.

Just a note too. My mobile is off as is my gizmo. I'll be turning my gizmo on for very short periods of time to spod on LJ. Might need to charge it soon tho but I have the charger.

WTF thought of calling a drink "Drinky +"? Been watching MTV-like radio show. With ads. It's free and the music videos have scantily clad women. The phone here is very pricey. 30p per minute for mobiles, so I doubt I'll be able to phone ppl much.

Had lots of visitors. Have more books than I could read in a week. Hopefully won't need them. Got some clean clothing too.

See everyone soon!
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