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Sloppy seconds

I'm being really norty and sneakyspodding during the day. I suspect the staff think I'm playing games.

Bad news as mentioned elsewhere, is that I'm going to be in another couple of days. Visiting hours are 24/7 as far as we could make out when emilydongray asked. Obviously turning up at 3am is not going to be a good thing though.

Other that the good news is that I'm on oral meds. No more squirting stuff into my feed or jabbing me with needles. At least I hope no more needles. They took blood (in triplicate) again this morning at the ungodly hour of 6:30am. Which after a night of poor sleep due to random noises and very bad smells coming from my neighbours, meant very grump me.

*sigh* I was really looking forward to party.


I checked visiting hours - they appear to be 2pm to 8pm (???)

You may want to go in the afternoon, just in case you run into some sort of petty bureaucrat...

Thinking of going myself - might bring you a book, or a cake or something, Chris.
ah...cannot go then...i have a lecture...
there are no visiting hours.
I'm not in a normal ward so the rules seem to be different.

I'm well sorted for books. Very lacking in cake tho :)

Sorry. Nearly brought you cake, but funds were a bit limited what with £2 parking, and it was too late in the day to go via bankmachines. Now we know you are *allowed* cake, perhaps a cake run can be organised for tommorrow. Any preferences?