maddy (themadone) wrote,

Behind enemy lines

Bet you guys didn't expect to see this? Neither did I. The night sister has said I can sneaky spod if I want, so here I am, posting to LJ. Hopefully it doesn't disappear off everyones' friends list too quickly.

Anyway, here is the news. Went to the docs cos my "leg cramps" hadn't got better and she immediately started going on about "deep vein thrombosis" which sounds bloody scarey. She then sent me on my way to St. Peters to confirm it.

I've ended up in the "medicine assessment unit" (MUA). The early part of the morning had me being poked and prodded and then giving numerous blood samples. Then they stuck one of those feed things in me and squirted me full of drugs. Tummy rebelled at all the needles, but my Will was strong.

After that was lots of waiting as they didn't have a spare bed. Then lots more waiting in a real bed for an ultrasound. The bed is in a mixed ward, but has a gizmo that whilst cool is a product of the devil. I found this out when I managed to crash it and the nurse rebooted it up into XP. Anyway, gizmo is a phone, TV, radio and webbrowser. I can even access my webmail. Unfortunately I can't access LJ - hence sneaky spod.

Ultrasound was slimey :) and uncomfortable as he had to press down hard. He couldn't confirm if it was a boy or a girl but did find a clot. So now they injecting me with blood thinning stuff and if/when I get out, I'll be on blood thinning pills for 6 months.

In theory they plan to let me out tomorrow (thursday), so I'm not sure there will be much time for visiting, but we shall see.

Miss everyone loads. Hope I get out soon enough to see people at either of the forthcoming large gatherings.
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