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There's far too many of you've done this meme to go around posting the exact same comments in all of them, so I shall sumarise here.

My response to my male friends would no doubt involve my noises of terror and wondering where the ether pillow was hiding.

On the other hand, my imediate thoughts if found waking up to a female friend would be try and get (more) snuggles and then go back to sleep like any sensible person would if they had a girl in their arms.

And just so you lot can express love, fear and revulsion too... If you woke up next to me in bed, what would your first thoughts be?


Argh! Where the fuck did you come from!?
Possibly ... who the hell are you?
You don't know how to make tea properly, do you? Damn.
"I'm never drinking Absynth again"
"Thanks for the crash space, hope I didnt snore too much."

Can't have been as bad as my snoring :)