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Just what the doctor ordered...

Today has been uneventful as seems to be the trend for most of the past week. darklittlefox left ages ago to go have fun leaving me to slob about the place. Had the mild annoyance of someone looking for the wrong house. I have a sneaky suspicion someone has just moved into the similiarly numbered house on the main bit of road. Stupid people who can't read that this is a different section of road. Although I'm surprised they can find my place better than people who are looking for it.

Got a good healthy dose of Monk. Now I'm getting a good healthy dose of Catherine Zeta Jones bottom in a tight fitting catsuit. Entrapment - crazy assed plot - lovely totty. Maybe I should spend the rest of my time off watching lots of totty as that'll make me feel happy and feeling happy makes people better. That's why A&E has cute nurses.

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