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No pub tonight for me as I won't have anything to rest my foot up on. Poo. Leg is definitely on the mend though.

Yesterday was mostly uneventful. Cooked pasta for emilydongray last night. Don't believe she's suffered from food poisoning yet. We watched Bourne Supremacy too and then Dare Devil. Then I watched the start of True Lies.

Today is pretty quiet too. And now I'm all out of Monk.



Do you have it on DVD?

Re: Monk?

Yup. Just finished watching the first season.

Re: Monk?

Oooh, must resist...

Re: Monk?

Good luck. As soon as I saw it I knew it had to be mine! :)

Now just got to see if I can wait for season 2 to come out, or whether I should go region 1 for it.

Re: Monk?

Season two is ca. 27 quid at playusa and 23 at amazon.com plus p&p. Hard choice. ;o)

I'll see how much money I've got left over after my credit card bill from my US holiday comes in.
Sorry I was a bit down when I saw you. I wasn't a good conversation partner, I know.

I found you to be a most excellent conversationalist last night. Until you said in your LJ I didn't know you could do with some cheering up. Or else I'd have had a go at trying to cheer you up myself.